Registering Sokpol


When registering Sokpol Sp. z o.o. in 1992, its founders intend to create a dynamic economic entity in the juice and soft drinks branch. The company, expanding in line with the expectations of the domestic market and European Union requirements,  wishes to consolidate its position among the competition and create a strong brand.

Signing the First Contract


In mid-1994, the first contract was signed for producing juices under the Donald Duck brand.

The First Logo-Sokpol Brand


The company decides to launch its own brand, Logo-Sokpol, while still producing under contract.

The Change from Logo-Sokpol to Sokpol


The decision to change the product's logo and refresh the graphics - the company has 16 products on the market at this time.

The Premiere of the Siódme Niebo (Seventh Heaven) Brand


The flagship brand makes its début on the market – Siódme Niebo (Seventh Heaven). There are plans to expand the line to include more flavours and packaging volumes.

The New Production Hall


Activation of a new, automated production hall with an area of 1341 square metres.

The New Production Hall with Aseptic Lines


Commissioning of the third production hall with modern aseptic lines. It has an area of 2710 square metres.

HACCP Certificate


Obtaining a HACCP certificate confirming the high production quality.

The "Seventh Heaven - Not Just for Saints" Advertising Campaign


The first nationwide advertising campaign, with the slogan "Seventh Heaven - Not Just for Saints" . The campaign involves television (TVP, TVN, POLSAT), radio (RMF, ZET), the colour press and numerous BTL actions.

Sokpol-Koncentraty Sp. z o.o.


Another plant is founded Sokpol-Koncentraty Sp. z o.o. based in Zagłoba. The company is involved in production of fruit and vegetable concentrates and flavourings.

The "Seventh Heaven - a Taste of Marvellous Moments" Advertising Campaign


In 2005 Sokpol conducts another major advertising campaign on TV (TVP, TVN, TVN7, thematic channels), the colour press, with simultaneous PR and BTL actions.

A New Format - Glass bottles


The company's range is expanded to include 300ml glass bottle.

The "Seventh Heaven - a New Look" Advertising Campaign


The "Seventh Heaven - a New Look" advertising campaign is conducted. The aim of the campaign is to show the brand's new graphic format and type of packaging.

New Pet Aseptic Technology


Sokpol is one of the few companies in the industry to buy the most modern aseptic bottling line - one of only a few of its type in the world. Introducing the new technology means production no longer requires preservatives or artificial colourings.

New Product - 7niebo (7Heaven) Syrups


Production commences of syrups in 500ml glass bottles – cherry and raspberry flavour fruit syrup.

New Brand – Grande Pomodoro


Production commences of tomato concentrate in 190g jars and in cartons of up to 500g.

Mineral Waters in Pet Packaging


Production begins of fizzy and still mineral waters in 1500ml Pet packaging.

New production line – PET Aseptic


Investment in new production lines – PET Aseptic. Pet Aseptic Technology guarantees production without the use of preservatives.

Automated warehouses for pallets - opening


In April 2013 was opened a modern Automated warehouses for pallets. The total area of ​​the warehouse is approximately 10 000m2. Storage capacity is min. 28 000 pallet places. With the proposed solutions magazine is very modern, functional and meets the requirements of a growing business.

The new line of Tetra Pak 250ml prisma


New line for filling aseptic Tetra Pak 250ml prisma. At the moment Sokpol has 18 production lines for bottling juices and water as well as the production of syrups and concentrates in different packaging formats. Grand 250ml drink is the first product that came from the new production line

Grand 200ml drink on Hasbro licence


Pressed juices in 250ml prisma packaging


Production of extracted pressed juices (NFC - not from concentrate) has started. Juices are produced in 250ml prisma packaging.


Investment in new production lines – PET Aseptic


Investment in new production lines – PET Aseptic. Pet Aseptic Technology guarantees production without the use of preservatives.