The company's ultimate aim is to fulfill the expectations of customers by providing safe products of the highest quality.

We achieve this aim with modern machinery, developed infrastructure, qualified staff and care for the natural environment.

  • We have modern microbiology and physiochemical laboratories which conduct running checks on the quality of the products supplied.
  • The company follows all the legal requirements applicable to food production.
  • Employees are seen as co-creators of SOKPOL Sp. z o.o.'s quality and success – qualified staff, aware of their responsibilities and rights and appropriately trained.
  • We provide the relevant environment for all production tasks.
  • We are constantly identifying customers' needs and meeting them by producing and supplying safe products of the expected quality which fulfil the legal requirements.
  • We launch new products and improve those already on offering.
  • We are constantly improving and increasing the efficiency of the Quality Management System.

Sokpol is constantly developing by introducing innovative products, conducting technological work and investing in human potential.