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BIO pressed Apple Juice in bio-based packaging Grand 1L BIO
BIO pressed Apple Juice in bio-based packaging
Grand 1L BIO

We are proud to introduce 100% BIO pressed apple juice in plant-based 1L packaging. 83% of the packaging comes from bio-based material. Caps comes from sugar cane. New ecological design and packaging gives an authentic look and feels that's new on the ambient shelf.

BIO juices are our greatest pride – we produce them with your health and the pleasure of savoring the pure taste of organic fruit in mind.

How do we make BIO juice?

As a producer of BIO juices, we are obliged to provide products of the highest, certified quality. Each BIO juice has the required label informing about the certificate we have, proving that the product meets the EU standards for organic food and is produced in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible and beneficial for humans. And at the same time, it allows for maintaining precious nutritional values.

BIO standards in the production of our packaging

The content of our products is not the only thing that is natural. As a standard, the cardboard packaging in which we sell our products, including BIO juices, has the appropriate FSC certificate responsible forest management. Additionally, the packaging for the BIO product contains as much as 60% less plastic than traditional cardboard boxes. Interestingly, 83% of this type of packaging is of plant origin, which means that they decompose much faster and with less harm to the environment! Even the juice caps are made of sugar cane. By choosing our BIO products, you are choosing a healthy juice in a lighter package, and a lighter package means fewer resources borrowed from the planet.

How do we produce BIO juice?

We are a responsible producer of BIO juices, and we care not only about neutralizing the harmful effects of large factories on the environment but also about consumer satisfaction. That is why the fruits and vegetables that we use to produce our BIO juices come from areas unpolluted by industry and from crops, where no chemical pesticides are used. As a result, the fruit and vegetables used are clean and retain the most important health benefits. In 100% BIO products, we only use certified raw materials, and the juices are only preserved at high temperatures, ensuring a long shelf life. In the case of NFC juices, natural sediment and cloudiness result from the juice ingredients – they are our pride, not a product defect!

We want only the purest tastes to be on your table, which will perfectly complement your daily meals and will be a delicious variety to a balanced diet. We encourage you to check our products – they will certainly meet your highest requirements!