About company

Sokpol is a family business, which has been presented on the Polish market since 1992.

The production plant is located in Myszków. The town is located in a picturesque area of Krakow-Czestochowa Jurrasic Highland with its characteristic white inselbergs and numerous ruins of strongholds and castles which are part of the so-called Eagles' Nests Trail. It is in this area considered to be one of the ecologically cleanest regions of Poland that we extract natural mineral water. It is drawn from deep water-bearing Triassic formations, protected by thick layers of geological deposits and is characterized by primary purity and stable composition. Inspired by the excellent location, we develop our passion for creating and seeking new flavors, technologies and concepts. We create trends on the beverage market by introducing innovative products, systematically expanding our range of juices, nectars, drinks and mousses. We produce with passion, but also with care for the environment, where we are constantly looking for environmentally friendly solutions. Relations with the environment are also an important aspect of our activity. As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR), we support local initiatives in the fields of culture, sport, education and charity.



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Daily plan

High quality

Our main goal is to meet the expectations of customers by providing products of the highest quality that are safe for health and comply with applicable legal regulations. We achieve this goal by providing modern machinery, infrastructure development, qualified personnel and care for the environment.


28 years of innovation

We introduce innovative solutions, carry out technological works and invest in human potential, thanks to which we constantly identify the needs of our customers and satisfy them by producing and delivering the highest quality products.

Pure mineral water

Natural mineral water is semi-mineralized. It is extracted from Krakow-Czestochowa Jurrrasic Highland – one of the ecologically cleanest regions in Poland. It is drawn from deep water-bearing Triassic formations, protected by thick layers of geological deposits. Its main advantage is its original cleanliness, uncontaminated by any pollution of the surrounding environment and stable composition. Thanks to the application of technologies supporting safety and hygiene of production, Sokpol Sp. z o.o. guarantees to the consumer that water supplied in the bottle has exactly the same qualities as the one deeply under the ground, keeping its most significant features such as crystalline purity and naturalness.



Company in numbers

20 lines


29 years

of innovations



3 factories

2 Myszków & 1 Zagłoba


pet bottles, cartoon, glass, pouches, bib

34 countries

that our products reach


awards, distinctions, thanks

Healthy trend

100% pressed juices, bio, smoothie, liquid snacks, pouch, natural mineral water

Uniquely tasty ideas

Using our perfect location, we are developing our passion of creating and looking for new flavours, technologies and ideas. We are setting trends on drink markets by introducing innovative products, systematically widening our offer of juices, nectars, drinks and mousses.

Our achievements

A reward for our work is not only satisfaction of business partners, clients and consumers.

Our Grand Chia products over the last years were awarded two prizes– golden and silver in the Good Drink competition. Sokpol company was also given credit of weekly journal Wprost.


Złoty medal dla Złote smoothie


Złoty paragon dla chia grand

2 złote medale za zestaw grand daily plan

2 złote i 1 brązowy medal za zestaw grand daily plan

We draw inspiration from nature