We draw inspiration from nature

Since its launch, our company's strategy based on high-quality products and packaging is backed by numerous investments and implementation of innovative solutions in the area of machine park, design, service, management and products. All of it is possible due to the commitment of our employees.

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High quality

Our main goal is to meet the expectations of customers by providing products of the highest quality that are safe for health and comply with applicable legal regulations. We achieve this goal by providing modern machinery, infrastructure development, qualified personnel and care for the environment.

Without preservatives ? Naturally!

We bottle only in aseptic technologies - without preservatives which proves our care for consumers' nutritional standards. We constantly identify the needs of our clients and meet them by producing and delivering the highest quality products.

Unique ideas and design

The unique combination of taste and design in modern packaging has resulted in many awards highlighting the innovative and creative character of the company. A variety of packaging formats, from PET bottles and carton packages to glass packages based on current consumer trends in design, ecology and modern communication, are able to meet consumer taste. 

Professional team

Modern technologies create new possibilities, but only a well-coordinated and motivated team can use them well. The company's position today wouldn't be possible to achieve without a competent team. The dynamic development of the company and stable employment conditions favor the use of employees' potential. Today, Sokpol has 416 well-trained employees (Sokpol and Sokpol-Koncentraty). The company emphasis on increasing the competences of its employees by enabling numerous trainings and courses.

Automatization and optimization processes

Automatization and optimization processes are integral elements of every modern enterprise. The automatic high storage warehouse allows for optimal use of the warehouse space and speeds up the preparation of goods for shipment. The mixing station using robots (fully automated) allows to mix different tastes on the palette.


Creative space

The modern infrastructure of our offices, their equipment and design are conducive to business meetings and create a comfortable space to look for a new, creative ideas and solutions in every area of operation.

Raw materials - comprehensive possibilities