Sustainable development

Success, it’s also a merit of a consistent strategy of the socially responsible business.

For us, it’s a form of management that takes into account the influence on the environment.

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Environmental management systems ISO 14001

Develop, implement, review and maintain a positive policy, guided by the desire to lessen and improve its environmental impact: Reduced resource and energy consumption, consequently lowering costs, decreased environmental risk, increased management involvement and engagement of employees, encouraging better performances.

Bio-based packagings

We aim to create better conditions to work and live in a favourable environment. That's why we've decided to introduce the plant-based Tetra Pack packaging. Tetra Pak is made out of renewable resources (plants) by 80%. It's produced from paper (cellulose) obtained from the wood with certificate FSC®. Also, the twist is produced from the plant material - sugar cane. The plant origin of the packaging reduces significantly the carbon footprint of the product on all its life cycle. What's important, this paper packaging doesn't have an external shiny coating - it's matte (so-called craft packaging).

Lightweighting, r-PET

We take on sustainable projects, adjusting the way of the organization of production, transport, and the product itself to their requirements, and taking particular environmental conditions into account. We pay attention to the rational management of resources and waste, reduce the weight of PET bottles, and adjust the packaging to the recycling and pro-ecological standards.

100% recycling packagings

The packaging we deliver - PET bottles, glass bottles, and paper cartons - is 100% recyclable. You should smash the PET and paper packaging and put them to the yellow bin or a different one which is reserved for plastic. The class should be placed in a suitable container too. Remember - recycling allows us to lower the emissions of CO2 and litter in the environment even by 50%. The implementation of the idea of a circular economy depends on each one of us. That's why it's important to segregate the packaging - the plastic will be retrieved and used again, for example, to produce another package, clothing, or energy-efficient windows.

Ecological juices with BIO certificate

BIO juice is a certified product, made from fruits or vegetables delivered from carefully selected and controlled cultivation. That guarantees that they're free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, chemical plant protection products, antibiotics, and heavy metals. In case of apple juice, every litre is obtained from 1,3 kg of eco apples from a polish orchard. Turbidity and sediment is a usual feature of a pressed juice that contains only natural sugars from fruits and vegetables. Every detail of the production process is important - the claim of our brand Grand ("Grand by nature") expresses it.

Social activities