Service bottling of juices and drinks into glass and plastic bottles or cardboard packaging

In case of spare capacity, our company offers the service of bottling juices and drinks into glass and plastic bottles or cardboard packaging of various capacities on professional aseptic filling lines.

We are a production company with the capacity to provide the service of bottling a wide range of drinks, syrups, and juices on an individual demand. We carry out each order in a comprehensive way, guaranteeing the highest quality, convenient completion dates, and a multi-level service. Selected products are drinks, isotonic drinks, aromatized water in PET packaging, cold-pressed juices, NFC juices (not from concentrate), 100% juices, water, nectars, smoothies, purees in the cardboard packages, glass bottles, and PET bottles. We are specialized in bottling the pressed juices (NFC), including bag-in-box packaging. We have a certified ISO 22000:2006 system at our disposal.


Depending on the type of the poured product, the number of packages and the production minimum may change.
*Minimum order of packaging (labels, sleeves)
**Minimum production batch of one flavour


Sokpol is a producer of syrups, drinks, functional waters branded by the ordering party, as well as our own brands. Another significant element of our business is co-packaging - bottling for well-known drink brands and supermarket chains. The company develops and produces new products, putting importance on current consumer trends. The assortment is brought to the market thanks to the commitment of our professional crew, including the R&D team. It wouldn't also be possible without our modern equipment and a well-organized system of quality control. Another important aspect of our business is the analysis of the situation on developed markets in the categories mentioned above. It allows us to search for new product concepts and functional components. Sokpol is a leader in a polish and European service market.

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